Service is in the detail…and other lessons learned from my lunchtime curry!

img_1015昨日はきれいな青空が広がって、ぽかぽかした気持ち良い天気でしたね。Yesterday, the skies were blue and the weather was wonderfully warm. 私は堺市にある教室に行く前に、チラシをポースティングしながら百舌鳥駅の近くを散歩しました。Before heading off to my classroom in Sakai, I left Mozu station and posted fliers as I took a walk around the neighbourhood. 迷子になりながら一時間半程歩いたところで、お腹が空いてきたので、公園近くのレストランに入って、一人でランチを頂きました。 I got lost several times in the maze of narrow streets and after about an hour and a half, realized I was feeling rather peckish and went into a restaurant near the park for lunch. そのランチは¥1,000のカレーセットでした。I opted for the ¥1,000 curry set.img_1014大型ファミリーレストランと比べると少し高い?Maybe just a little more expensive than at the cheap and cheerful family restaurants.高級レストランよりだいぶ安い?But nowhere near the prices charged by the fancier eating houses. しかし、定番なメニューでありながら、深みのある大人の風味に仕上がった、とても美味しいカレーでした。However, although curry is a common choice on the menu in most restaurants over here, this particular one was full of hidden flavour.その上、細かいところにその店の丁寧さが見えました。What’s more, the restaurant’s sense of service was reflected in lots of special little ways.カラフルな野菜をご飯の上に載せたり、福神漬けの変わりにピクルス、仕上げに温泉卵のフライ、と言ったように「どこにでもあるメニューだけど、うちのカレーはちょっと違うよ!」とまるでアピールしているように私には見えました。Vegetables, laid on top of the rice, created a vibrant splash of colour. Instead of the usual manufactured red pickles, there was a side dish of freshly pickled cabbage. On top of it all, a deep-fried soft-boiled egg took pride of place. It was as if, through this whole presentation, the restaurant was clearly letting us know that what they provided might be available in other places but that their version of it was slightly different to anywhere else. そう考えると、自分の仕事に対しての思いと完璧に重なっていますね!As I realized this, I recognized huge similarities to the way I approach my own work, teaching English. 私はこれからも他では経験できないような、少し違った、心のこもったレッスンを提供できるように頑張りたいと思います。It takes time and energy but I am determined to continue to provide a service that my students wouldn’t be able experience anywhere else: a lesson that’s just that little bit different, a lesson that has been prepared with care.

Published by Helen Otori

Culture and Communication Consultant Owner-Operator of White Rose C.C.C, English Language School in Kishiwada, Japan

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