When the road gets a little rocky….


Hello everyone. It’s been a while! Sincere apologies for my absence on here over the past week. 皆様、こんにちは。お久しぶりです。一週間以上前からブログを更新しなくて、本当に申し訳ありません。In the build up to the opening of my Kishiwada school on April 1st, I have at times felt like I have been taking three steps forward, two steps back! 岸和田教室の4月1日オープンに向けて、一生懸命頑張っていますが、たまには三歩を進んで二歩後退。。と言う感じです!This week, amongst other things, I got side-tracked by some lengthy trips to the hospital with my daughter, who at the age of 18, managed to break a bone for the first time in her life. 今週、色々な出来事の中、18歳の娘は人生初の骨折のために長い時間を病院で過ごしました。It’s all been a bit tiring to be honest! And when you are feeling tired, there is only one solution: chocolate!正直に言うと疲れた!こう言う時に出来るのが一つしかない:チョコレートを食べる!So, this week I am introducing you to a simple, quick fix to all of those blues: Rocky Road Crunch bars. なので、今週皆様にロッキロードクランッチバーを紹介したいです。簡単なレシピで、皆様の疲れを間違いなく飛ばせてくれる!If you are finding the road a little rocky, why not try some of this sweet Rocky road. I made mine with ginger biscuits. ちなみに、英語で’Rocky Road’は‘色々と大変だ!’と言う意味も表せます。今の状態に本当にあったお菓子ですね!Check out the recipe here. レシピはこちらへ。。。


Published by Helen Otori

Culture and Communication Consultant Owner-Operator of White Rose C.C.C, English Language School in Kishiwada, Japan

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