Hot sunny day? Why not try this chilled coconut and mango cake?

The weather here has been beautiful and I have been spending quite a lot of time in my garden.今週は天気がとても良く、毎日ガーデニングを楽しんでいます。 I’ve also been baking as usual. そしてもちろん今週も新しいお菓子作りに挑戦しています。With the heat beginning to turn up, I decided to go with a tropical theme this week: Coconut and mango cake. 気温が上がっていますので、少しトロピカルなココナッツ・マンゴケーキに決めました。With a decadent dollop of Greek yoghurt included in the ingredients, it has a texture similar to cheesecake and is delicious served straight from the fridge.最近日本では流行しているギリシャヨーグルトを利用して、このケーキはチーズケーキのような食感を持っていますので、冷蔵庫に冷やすとさら に美味しく頂けます。 Click here for the recipe. レシピはこちらへ。。。


Published by Helen Otori

Culture and Communication Consultant Owner-Operator of White Rose C.C.C, English Language School in Kishiwada, Japan

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