A little ginger a day keeps the cold feet away…

I don’t know about you, but I can’t quite believe how suddenly the temperatures have changed here in Japan. 皆さま、こんにちは。元気にしていますか?急な気温変更に少し驚きですね。Only last week, we were still sweating in our t-shirts. This week, I’ve had to drag out the cardigans and winter futons. たった先週半袖でも汗をかくほどの暑さだっだのに、今週になって、セーターや冬用の布団を引っ張り出した。Although I actually prefer the colder weather to the heat and humidity of the Japanese summer, like many of my Japanese friends, I tend to suffer from cold hands and feet for most of the winter months.正直に言うと私は夏の暑さより、冬の寒さのほうが我慢できますが、冷え性がかなりひどく、冬中手と足が氷のように冷たくなります。 I am told that ginger is the cure…. which makes this week’s recipe a perfect solution. 周りにいる日本人のお友達が冷え性対策として生姜をよく進めてくれる。。。。ということは、今週のレシピはそれにピッタリです。Ginger is often used in British baking and this spicy ginger shortbread is an excellent example of that. イギリスのお菓子作りに生姜パウダーがよく利用される。今週のレシピは少しスパイシーな生姜味ショートブレッドです。Goes down well with a nice cup of tea! Check out the recipe here.美味しい紅茶と共に召し上がってください。レシピはこちらへ。。。

Published by Helen Otori

Culture and Communication Consultant Owner-Operator of White Rose C.C.C, English Language School in Kishiwada, Japan

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