Is White Rose your kind of place?

ホワイトローズはあなたにぴったりの教室ですか? ホワイトローズ英語教室では、私は一人で全ての仕事をしていることを人々に話すとき、それが何を伴うのか忘れることさえあります。When I tell people that, at White Rose CCC,  I am a one-woman business, even I sometimes forget what that entails. ほとんどの日、私はこのスクールの唯一の講師ですが、その上に、カリキュラムデザイナー、バイヤー、会計士、事務員、受付、マーケティングマネージャー、ソーシャルメディアの担当、テクニカルサポート、親連絡担当者、翻訳者、ベーカー、クリーナー、そしてチラシを配る仕事もしています!On most days I am just a teacher, but my other ‘hats’ include that of curriculum designer, buyer, accountant, office clerk, receptionist, marketing manager, social media guru, technical support, parent liaison officer, translator,Continue reading “Is White Rose your kind of place?”

On Location in the UK: Cannon Hall, July 2019

The last destination on this ‘on location ‘ trip to the UK was a family day out to Cannon Hall and Cannon Hall Farm, a country house museum and farm located 5 miles west of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. This place has absolutely everything for a great day out with something to please every memberContinue reading “On Location in the UK: Cannon Hall, July 2019”

On location in the UK: Holmfirth Vineyard, July 2019

When you think of wine-making, you probably conjure up images of France, South Africa, Australia, California, Chile etc….but I’m pretty sure that the UK wouldn’t spring to mind. It might surprise you to hear that there are actually more than 500 vineyards across England and Wales producing reds, whites and rosés and wine production inContinue reading “On location in the UK: Holmfirth Vineyard, July 2019”

On Location in the UK: Birmingham, July 2019

In July, it was exactly 30 years since I graduated from university. In 1985, I left home at the age of 18 to study French and International business at Aston University, which is situated on the edge of Birmingham city centre. As the anniversary coincided with our trip over to the UK, my friends suggestedContinue reading “On Location in the UK: Birmingham, July 2019”

On location in the UK: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, July 2019

Do you like walking through beautiful parkland? Do you enjoy art? Are you fond of farm animals? Then you would absolutely love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park(YSP)! In July, we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon there with some close friends. 美しい公園を歩くのが好きですか?アートは好きですか?農場の動物が好きですか?それなら、ヨークシャー・スカルプチャー・パーク(YSP)を絶対に気に入るはずです! 7月、私たちは親しい友人とあそこで半日間過ごすことができました。 The Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) is an open-air gallery in West BrettonContinue reading “On location in the UK: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, July 2019”

On Location in the UK: Castle Hill, July 2019

Our rented house was in a quiet neighbourhood, overlooking a bowling green. Crown Green bowling is a popular outdoor sport in the summer season in the UK and every evening, bowlers gathered for a match of some kind. 私たちが借りていた家はボウリンググリーンを見下ろす静かな近所にありました。クラウングリーンボウリングは英国の夏のシーズンに人気のあるアウトドアスポーツで、ほぼ毎晩、ボウラーたちは試合に集まりました。 Looking past the bowling green though, we had a view of the distant hills and inContinue reading “On Location in the UK: Castle Hill, July 2019”

On location in the UK: Bradford (July 2019)

Every year, I make the journey home to the UK twice: to catch up with family and friends, to refresh my English language skills and to explore and report back on British culture, life and places of interest. ホワイトローズは毎年、英国への旅を2回行います。家族や友達と付き合い、英語のスキルをリフレッシュし、英国の文化、生活、興味のある場所について探求し、このページを通して報告することにしています。 On this trip I was accompanied by my husband as we were both planning to attendContinue reading “On location in the UK: Bradford (July 2019)”

Class availability (August 2019)

English follows below. 皆さん、こんにちは。この暑さにどう対処していますか?大丈夫ですか?私たちはホワイトローズで日々少しずつ溶けているように感じます。 しかし、もうすぐ9月になるでしょう、そして日は少し涼しくなり始めます。秋に新しい趣味を身につけること、または子供のためにクラスを探すことを考えているかもしれませんね。現在の空席状況はこちらです。無料トライアルレッスンの予約をするために、お気軽にお電話またはメッセージでご連絡ください。 それまでの間、涼しく過ごして夏を楽しんでください。 Hi everyone, how are you coping with this heat? Are you surviving? Here at White Rose, I feel like we are melting a little day by day. But it’ll soon be September and the days will begin to get a little cooler. You might be considering taking up aContinue reading “Class availability (August 2019)”