How about joining me for Afternoon Tea?

IMG_1899今日はWhite Rose C.C.C として、初めてのビラ配りに行ってきました!良い運動になりました。今回、アフタヌーンティーレッスンを紹介しました。そうです。。。現在の生徒さんの中でとても人気があるこのレッスンを4月から地元である岸和田市で開始いたします!
‘アフタヌーンティー’とはどんな方でも気楽に参加できる、とてもユニークな英語のレッスンです。堅苦しくなく、リラックスして自分のペースで自分の学び たい時に勉強できます。レッスンの最後にイギリス人である講師の私の手作りお菓子と美味しい紅茶を頂きながら、文化交流を楽しめます。英語オンリーのレッ スンではないので、初心者の方でも充分に海外文化に触れることが出来ます。もちろん、入学金や教材代を頂きません。紅茶、お菓子そしてレシピーカードを含 む、月謝はとてもリーズナブルな¥10,000とさせて頂きます。
Today was a new milestone for White Rose C.C.C. Posting our first ever fliers around the neighbourhood killed two birds with one stone: I got to introduce everyone to my ‘Afternoon Tea’ lesson and got some exercise at the same time. Yes, that’s right…one of my most popular classes is coming to Kishiwada from April this year!
Our Afternoon Tea classes are a unique way for students of any level to enjoy English without the pressures that come with a more rigid form of learning. Students can relax and learn at their own pace. At the end of each lesson they get to sample my home-made cakes over a cup of English tea and chat about this and that. Unlike many other courses, the classes are not strictly ‘English-only’ which means that even absolute beginners can enjoy simple cultural exchange. With no extra costs, the classes come in at a very reasonable ¥10,000 a month, which includes tea, cake and a take-home recipe card.
So, citizens of Kishiwada, how about joining your friends for a cup of tea and some simple English conversation?


Published by Helen Otori

Culture and Communication Consultant Owner-Operator of White Rose C.C.C, English Language School in Kishiwada, Japan

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