Halloween is here (part 3)

この間のレッスンでは ‘What do you want to be for Halloween?’ ‘I want to be a witch.’ と言う簡単な会話を練習していた。つまり、ハロウィーンのため、何になりたいですか?そうですね、ハロウィーンと言えば、仮装ですようね。 Costume parties and costume parades. しかし、どうして仮装するの?確かに楽しいですけど。。。実は、この伝統も古代民族のケルト人のサウィン祭に遡ります。この世に舞い戻ってきた悪い霊達 を、仮装する事で恐がらせて、逃げ出させる為に仮装をすると言われています。精霊や魔女から自分達の身を守る為に仮面を付けたり、そして、この世に来た死 者達を遠ざける為に、子供達に死者や魔女の仮装をさせて町中を歩かせたりしていました。 現代のハロウィーンでは、魔女やお化けに加えて、ヒーローやディズニーキャラクターもよく見かけます。 The other day, in one of my lessons, we were practising how to ask each other what we intended to wear for Halloween. ‘What do you want to be for Halloween?’Continue reading “Halloween is here (part 3)”

Halloween is here (part 2)

Have you ever wondered why the Halloween colours are usually orange and black? It is common knowledge that there is a strong link between present-day Halloween and the ancient Celts. Do you suppose that the colour-scheme can also be traced back that far? Although there are in fact many contrasting theories, the most likely explanationContinue reading “Halloween is here (part 2)”

Halloween is here (part 1)

It seems to me that every year, Halloween in Japan just gets more and more popular. There are pumpkins everywhere! But have you ever thought about why this particular holiday is called ‘Halloween’? There is in fact a very interesting explanation. From some time in the 8th Century, the Catholic church designated November 1st asContinue reading “Halloween is here (part 1)”

It’s festival time!

地元の祭りが無事に終わりました。 I just love Japan in the Autumn. After the stifling heat of the summer, the season brings dry, sunny days that are perfect for a garden barbecue. As the leaves turn red, yellow and golden brown, the shops display an abundance of newly harvested chestnuts and sweet potatoes. And from September onwards, the soundContinue reading “It’s festival time!”

Shaun in the City

今年日本では羊年ですね。Here in Japan it’s the year of the sheep. 実は私も羊年生まれです。関係しているかどうか分かりませんが、小さい頃から羊が大好き!動物として可愛いし、ラム肉も美味しくてたまらな い!Actually, I was born in the year of the sheep. I’m not sure if it is in anyway connected, but I have always loved sheep. As animals, I love their seeming absurdity and as for their meat, I’ve always found it irresistibly delicious! But I digress….Continue reading “Shaun in the City”